Please find my published and ongoing research below. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries, comments, or critiques! Replication data are usually available upon request.


Working papers:

  • “The Geoeconomics of Traditional and Digital Government Currencies” (in preparation for the Oxford Handbook on Geoeconomics)
  • “Racing to Reimagine Money: Strategic Interaction in in the Race for Central Bank Digital Currencies”
  • “In Code We Trust: The Global Politics of Re-Designing Government Money”
  • “Early Birds and Tardy Mice: First-Mover Advantage and Choice Diffusion in Central Bank Digital Currency Design”
  • “Funding Protection from Natural and Manmade Hazards: Presenting Risks over Longer Time Frames Increases Voter Support” (with Alison Post)
  • “Butterfly Effects in Global Trade: Disruption and Diversion in Border Disputes” (with Ryan Brutger)
  • “Collapsing Corporate Confusion: Leveraging Network Structure for Effective Entity Resolution in Relational Corporate Data” (with Bruce Desmarais & Kevin Young)